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Multi-child Discount for 2023-2024

We are able to share with you some of the tuition plans for the upcoming school year. Registration for returning students will begin on January 5 and will be here very soon!

To help our families in 2023-2024, our Church Council recently approved the following multi-child discount percentages. Please note the percentages have been finalized but the final tuition amount (currently $7500) may still increase for the coming school year. That final amount will be determined and announced in December.

a. Second K-8 child in school will receive a 7% discount (currently $525)

b. Third K-8 child in school will receive a 14% discount (currently $1050)

c. Fourth K-8 child in school will receive a 50% discount (currently $3750)

d. All subsequent K-8 children would receive a 100% discount (currently $7500)

Tuition assistance will still be available in addition to this multi-child discount and will be determined again through a financial aid application in TADS.

Preschool students will still not be eligible to receive a percentage discount but will be considered in the number of students a family has enrolled when determining the discount that will be given to your K-8 students.

We are excited to offer this to our families in the upcoming year. Please contact Mr. Klatt if you have any further questions. (