Salem maintains a rigorous program of instruction in all of the core subject areas using traditional teaching methods and modern research about how children learn. Salem’s curriculum is reviewed annually by the MNSAA accreditation board.


Instructors in the primary grades utilize proven strategies to enable students to become adept in decoding and comprehension strategies at an early age. Most students begin reading by the end of the kindergarten year. In the middle and upper grades, teachers use a variety of methods. Award winning and classic literature promote higher order reading skills to increase comprehension abilities and develop the lifetime enjoyment of reading.


Students master traditional methods of thinking critically and exploring math concepts. By graduation, most Salem students have completed a year of high school level Algebra. Students with high ability have the opportunity to complete high school Geometry.


Students excel in grammar and punctuation rules during their primary years. They practice and expand on these skills every year. Students are also are coached in their writing skills through a variety of unique writing opportunities. Each week, students learn rules regarding spelling and practice on word tests to reinforce the rules.


The Pre K – 8 science program fuses the foundation of scientific knowledge and facts with an investigative approach. All instruction glorifies God alone for the wonders of his creation while developing cognitive depth of modern scientific theory. The teachers guide students to discover God’s creation while remaining informed, yet discerning, when it comes to ideas built on the assumption of evolution.

Social Studies

The K-8 curriculum emphasizes world and U.S. geography and history. Students view all people as a wonderful part of God’s creation and emphasize sharing the Gospel with all nations. Beginning in preschool, students explore world cultures. Throughout the primary grades students engage in various world climates, countries and cultures as well as the places and people in the history of the United States. In the middle and upper grades, students gain the depth of the history and geography of the United States and world.