At Salem Lutheran School students and their families become a part of a Christian community that speaks about the Word of God, encourages one another, promotes values that pleases our Savior, enjoys opportunities for Christian gatherings, and cares deeply for every young person. The students enjoy classrooms led by caring, Christian teachers and supportive Christian peers.

This school community is a place where a child’s faith will grow. Each day the most important class is the one where students learn about Jesus and his forgiving love. Once a week, all students gather for chapel as a Christian family to worship God in the church sanctuary. In music classes the children learn songs about their Savior and share those songs in church services and special programs like the Christmas service.

The Word of God influences all that we do. Teachers masterfully integrate Biblical truth throughout all instruction. Lessons in Science provide opportunities to show the incredible power and knowledge of God. Classes in Social Studies display God’s guiding hand in history and the opportunities for sharing the Gospel with every corner of the earth. Math, Reading, and English all give glory to God’s beautifully created order. When discipline is beneficial, instructors share God’s law to show sin that points us to the Gospel and the forgiveness won for us by Jesus.

We work side by side with parents to give our children a consistent message between home and school. The mission of Salem instructors and parents is: Equipping the soul, mind, and body for a lifetime and beyond in Christ.

“It is amazing to see the love and care they give to our whole family.”

Heidi, Salem parent