Faith Focus

The Christ Light curriculum cultivates a love for God’s Word. Our focus is on the life of Christ in the New Testament, His magnificent love and great work of providing salvation for us. In our Old Testament studies, we learn about the creation of all things, and follow the Lord’s plan and guidance of the Children of Israel. The students attend chapel every Wednesday with the rest of the school. Second grade students receive their own Bibles from Salem Lutheran Church and master memory work two times each week. Through practical applications, students are encouraged to live their faith at school, at home, and as members of their community.

Academic Focus

Our Language Arts curriculum threads throughout reading units and is comprehensive: grammar, phonics, and spelling. We emphasize becoming strong readers and writers. The first and second grade years provide students with exposure to many basic mathematical concepts that are the foundation for all their years of school. In 3rd and 4th grade Math, there is an emphasis on problem solving, computation and the mastery of math facts. Second through fourth graders complete weekly journal assignments in which the “6+1 Traits” of writing are emphasized. Social Studies explores major historical events, U.S. landmarks, maps, select world regions, cultural holidays government, civics, economics, Minnesota history and regions of the United States. Science consists of thematic units including physical, life, and earth science. Students also study Spanish, Music, Technology, and have fun with Art and Physical Education. All subjects are taught in the light of God’s Word.

Educational Highlights

  • Chapel
  • Singing in Church
  • Christmas Program
  • Spring Play
  • Art Adventure
  • Educational Experience Nights
  • Field Trips
  • Spanish
  • Computer Applications
  • Piano
  • Jubilate Choir (4th grade)
  • Band (4th grade)
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Sports (track, soccer, volleyball, basketball) (4th grade)
  • Student-led Devotions
  • Travel Buddies
  • Practice of 15 Self-discipline Skills
  • Stability Ball Chairs
  • Chromebook and Google Software
  • Display Board interactive lessons