Meet the Staff

Roger Zolldan Principal • (651) 439-7831

Roger Zolldan, a Stillwater native, is currently serving as Salem’s Interim Principal in addition to teaching seventh and eighth grade music. Roger grew up attending Oak Park Elementary school next to Salem. However, when he was in school Salem did not have a school, as it hadn’t even built a church on its current location! When not at Salem, Roger enjoys the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum and the Minnesota Transportation Museum’s Jackson Street Roundhouse. Folk music is one of Roger’s favorite types of music to teach to his students as he is able to provide students with historical content for their music lessons.

Jon Brohn Pastor & Catechism Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Senior Pastor, Jon Brohn, has served Salem Lutheran Church and School since August 2003. As a Pastor, Jon feels particularly privileged to celebrate the weddings of Salem students whom he previously confirmed. “I love seeing how they continue their walk with Jesus through high school, college and into their lives with their spouse.” An avid fisherman, Pastor Brohn is often amazed by the beauty and diversity—colors, shapes and sizes—of God’s creation. Here in the Twin Cities, he enjoys finding that beauty at the Como Park Conservatory, even when it’s 30 degrees below zero. Pastor Brohn loves sharing the book of Psalms with the Salem congregation, as it is great for reading, praying and finding daily comfort. Pastor Brohn and his wife, Kay, have three children.

Jake Schram Pastor & Catechism Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Pastor Schram is passionate about youth ministry and enjoys connecting with all of Salem’s young members, as they have the energy and drive to do amazing things. His favorite Bible verse to share is John 3:16 because it teaches the young and old alike the simplest message of salvation. As he looks back on his school years, Pastor Schram most fondly remembers hanging out with his friends by being active at recess. Jacob and his wife Sarah joined the Salem congregation in 2017 and Jacob is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Jane Grobe Preschool Director & Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Jane Grobe has an Associate of Arts Degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota. Jane has taught at Salem since 2001. Her fourth grade teacher made a lasting impression on her by organizing hands-on experiments, involving all children in each lesson and embracing each child’s differences, long before it was popular to do so. These are things that Jane takes forward into her classroom today. In addition to teaching in the 4 and 5 year old preschool classroom, Jane is the director of Salem’s multi-room preschool program and also is also a mentor teacher. She loves catching up with students from her earliest classes on Facebook and especially when they look back fondly on their Salem experiences.

Linda Noack Preschool Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Having taught at Salem since 1995, Linda Noack currently teaches 3-year-old preschool and also serves as the school’s Athletic Director. Linda’s love of athletics started at a young age, as she fondly remembers her school’s track and field day. Linda was a successful jumper and a fast sprinter! With or without her students, Linda enjoys the Minnesota Science Museum as there are always new things to learn and hands-on experiences. One of the teachers that most impacted Linda’s early learning career is actually the Grandmother of a current Salem student.

Jill Kaiser Preschool Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Ann Gutzke Kindergarten Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Ann Gutzke teaches Kindergarten and has been a member of the Salem faculty since 2002. She completed a teaching license with Concordia University of St. Paul. Ann enjoys teaching music as Kindergarteners typically sing with gusto and joy, no matter what their skill level. During her tenure at Salem, Ann has kept a list of all of the funny, and memorable things her students have said and done. Each class adds new experiences to that list which has grown quite long. One of Ann’s favorite school-age memories occurred during her middle school years, when the fire department would flood part of the school’s playground, allowing students have an ice rink for recess.

Debbie Hansen 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Debbie Hansen currently teaches first and second grade at Salem. She has been a member of the faculty since 1998. Debbie is Minnesota State certified and hold a BAS in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Debbie’s favorite teacher was her seventh grade teacher, who took the time to personally get to know all students and introduced her to hands-on science experiments. Today, Debbie shares that love of science with her students during classroom activities and the Warner Nature Center field trip. Not only is the field trip hands-on, but it provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about God’s creation. In addition to her classroom assignment, Debbie is active with a variety of ages of Salem students through her responsibilities as Vacation Bible School coordinator, SPTO liaison, and coordinator of the school’s activities with PowerUp and fundraisers such as Jump Rope For Heart.

Nancy Hasselquist 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Nancy Hasselquist has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota and has taught at Salem Lutheran School since 1994. Nancy’s love of school started early, thanks to her smiley and energetic Kindergarten teacher who made the day so fun that Nancy didn’t want to go home. Over her school-age career, Nancy honed her musical skills in band, playing the clarinet. While she took Senior High Band lessons in an “oversized janitor’s closet behind the lunchroom,” Nancy now teaches fifth and sixth grade music at Salem, in addition to teaching third and fourth grades. Nancy also provides musical accompaniment on the piano for school plays both at Salem and the The Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson.

Kay Brohn 5th - 8th Grade Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Kay Brohn has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota and has served Salem Lutheran School since 2009. Kay is still in touch with a favorite teacher from her childhood years who currently lives in the Twin Cities. She particularly admired how this particular teacher, a mother of five boys, was always calm – no matter what happened. A history buff with a love of fossils, Kay enjoys spending time at the Como Park Conservatory, Minnesota History Museum and the Minnesota Science Museum. She recently enjoyed a trip to Comfrey, MN to see the petroglyphs. In addition to teaching middle school Language Arts, Spanish (5), Phy Ed (5-6), Art (5-6), and Word of God (5-6), Kay serves the Salem community by coordinating the public speaking festival, missions and yearbook.

Bill Scharf 5th - 8th Grade Teacher • (651) 439-7831

Calla Schoch 5th - 8th Grade Teacher • (651) 439-7831

During the 2017-2018 school year, Calla teaches Salem’s Middle School students. Her classes include Spanish, Algebra 1 and Science. Calla’s fondest memories from her school-age years include playing lightening at recess with a big group of students as well as attending horse camp with her sisters. Calla enjoys the Science Museum of Minnesota both with students and without. She feels that the hands-on exhibits really bring God’s amazing creation to life.

Diane Light Administrative Assistant • (651) 439-7831

Diane has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse. Previously she worked as a System Analyst and has been at Salem since 2004. In school, Diane fondly remembers the school plays, particularly the musicals because she loved working as a team, and of course, singing. She continues to share her musical talents with the Salem community as a member of the Senior Choir.