Apply & Enroll
Apply & Enroll

Salem gladly supports students in receiving a quality Christian education. Every enrolled student—whether they are a member of our Christian congregation or part of the community—receives at least $1,700 in support of their education.

Step 1: Apply to Salem
Apply Online

Step 2: Apply for Financial Assistance
Tested and Designed by Schools (TADS) processes requests for financial assistance. Apply through their secure and confidential system. Their worksheet will help you prepare for the application.

Step 3: Meet with the Principal
Salem’s principal receives the amount of financial aid recommended by TADS and then offers a confidential consultation on most applications for financial assistance. If you have unique circumstances or a special situation that the TADS system does not convey, please plan to meet.

Step 4: Acceptance and Enrollment Forms
Congratulations, you are a Salem Saint! Now it is time to collect all of the details that will result in a successful school year.

Step 5: Consider a Special Gift
Salem supports every student with at least $1,700 of direct assistance annually. Most students receive much more assistance. Please consider joining our community of donors by supporting this work with a special gift. Your gift is greatly appreciated.