About Us
About Us

Salem is a partnership between parents who want the best for their children and caring Christian people of service who believe in working together for the betterment of families. Whether your family is a Salem church member, attends a community church, or simply desires a rigorous academic environment where young people are well cared for, Salem welcomes you.

Salem embraces families by elevating parents, from the information gathering and flexible scheduling process, to opportunities for classroom rigor and academic support, to vast co-curricular options in sports, music, and the arts. Salem supports families with a committed donor base allowing reasonable costs and an impressive facility designed for young people. We look forward to visiting with you about your family and partnering with you to equip young people for a lifetime and beyond in Christ.

“God blesses us with parents who want the best for their children and this is a daily encouragement for me. I find great joy in inspiring students with an enthusiasm for learning and for Biblical exploration as each one develops a personal relationship with their Savior.”

Jane, Salem instructor