Vote Your Faith - Ranking Morality

Pastor Jon Enter

Worship Series: God’s Government
Worship Theme: Vote Your Faith - Ranking Morality

Lesson & Sermon Text: Exodus 19:3-6 (EHV)
Gospel: Matthew 22:15-22 (NIV)
Special Music: Chris Driesbach (songs in worship folder)
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Message: Vote Your Faith - Ranking Morality

So... are you sick of seeing the political ads on TV, Facebook, in the newspaper and in your mailbox? I saw a poll that reveals 8 out of 10 Americans are “repulsed” by the election. Honestly, my ears hurt when I hear the political commercials on TV. I’m certain you feel the same way. America feels the same way. But do you know what isn’t the we will all vote.

Are you for the Democratic Party? Republican Party? Or an Independent? Maybe you’re a member of the Never-voted-don’t-intend-to-vote Party. There’s the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party and host of smaller, lesser known political parties as well. You can even vote for Kane West if you’d like! With so many political parties out there and so many different political views: very few of us will vote exactly the same. Sure, many will match your vote for the United States President but what about all the state and local positions? If someone doesn’t vote for the same person as you to sit in the Oval Office, does that make them a bad person?

Four years ago, there was a dad I saw regularly when I walked the girls to school in the morning. One day we talked politics on our short walk back to his car. I’ll never see him the same again. And he didn’t see me the same. Sadly, he wouldn’t really talk to me after I saw my views. Have you lost friendships or have broken family relationships?

Has that happened to you? Do you see people differently because of the candidate they passionately support in this election?

Is their vote for that candidate sinful?
Does your vote for your candidate make you righteous?
Whom does God want you to vote for?

We are a heavily divided nation. Whomever is elected will have a difficult job bringing our nation back together and the two main candidates are so polarizing, it’s going to be difficult. So, what do we need to remember when it comes to voting?

First of all, vote. Get out there and vote. One of the greatest responsibilities and blessings you have as a citizen in the United States of America is to vote. You GET a say. The majority of the world doesn’t. You do! Use that vote. Yet only one out of every four Christians votes in presidential elections. 25%. That is sad. That is unfaithful to the blessings God has given. Many people don’t vote because they think their vote doesn’t count. They’re right ONLY if they don’t use it! Tens of millions of conservative Christians haven’t voted in recent elections, and if they voted and voted for faith-focused, Biblical valuing candidates who are also great leaders...what a different government and country we could have. Your vote counts but only if you use it.

Secondly, when you vote, vote with your faith. That doesn’t mean using your vote to express your “faith” in a particular candidate or political party. Vote with your faith means what your faith in God values then your vote should value. If you wouldn’t give money to support what a candidate supports, why would you give your vote to support that candidate? In the voter’s station, express your faith and your Biblical values voting for people who will defend what God loves and what your heart of faith loves. God commands us, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness.” (Ephesians 5:11) Vote with your faith for candidates who will work to defend and uphold the values of your faith.

That’s tough. Whom do you vote for then? No candidate perfectly honors what God honors. No candidate is perfect. They’re all sinful just like us who are voting in the elections are sinful. So, what do we do?

There will never be a perfect candidate for president. In fact, even if Jesus Himself ran (He won’t but even if He did) He would have a tough time getting elected. When the people of Jerusalem thought Jesus was running for the office of overthrowing the Roman Empire (He wasn’t), they got fed up with Him and killed Him. In our current politically correct society, in our there-is-no-absolute-truth society, Jesus would offend people as He called sinful actions what they are: sin. Jesus’ words are only, always, ever Absolute Truth! If the only person who lived a perfect life ran for office, He would get rejected. How in the world do you faithful decide who to vote for?

Look over the following list and see how each point is something God honors. You can find Bible passages backing up each one.

____Honest use of tax dollars
____Protection of life for unborn
____Affordable health care for all
____Marriage = 1 man & 1 woman
____Defend those sexually assaulted
____Conquer COVID disease
____Care for God’s creation in nature
____Equal justice for all races

We all agree each of these points are God honoring and commanded by God’s Word to be fulfilled. Now it’s going to get tough. Take a minute and rank them in order of importance. Ready? Go.

Seriously, if you didn’t rank them, stop reading and rank them.

If you peeked at the list of the people sitting around you in church, they might have ranked them differently than you. All of these issues are important and in a perfect world with perfect candidates, they would perfectly champion every one of these issues. But in our sinful, selfish world this isn’t going to happen. The reason why Jesus-loving, Bible-reading, conservative Christians vote differently in elections even though we have the same faith values is because we rank morality differently.

God doesn’t. He commands us to fulfill all of His Word. “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15) God says if we as a nation follow His commands, honoring what He honors, we will be greatly blessed. “Now if you obey Me fully and keep My covenant, then out of all nations you will be My treasured possession.” (Exodus 19:5) Are we as a nation keeping God’s commands and honoring what He honors? No! And a big reason why is we have been electing leaders who do not honor what God honors. God doesn’t rank morality. He commands us to follow and fulfill all morality. So what do you do when you feel there isn’t one candidate that values everything you value?

If you are passionately pro-life, you are likely upset and appalled by the voting record of Joe Biden on abortion and by the prosecuting record of Kamala Harris against people who exposed sale of human body parts from abortions from Planned Parenthood. And their allowance for late term abortions. Because you rank Protection of Life for Unborn high on your list, you can’t fathom anyone voting for Biden/Harris.

I spoke with a Christian friend who is Pro-Life but is shocked and appalled that anyone would be a one-issue-voter. This person doesn’t think Roe vs Wade (abortion) will be overturned even with another conservative on the Supreme Court so they can’t understand why so many conservative Christians ignore “all the evil” (as it was said to me) of Donald Trump and focus only on one issue.

I have other Christian friends very passionate about Equal Justice for All Races and they feel the Trump Whitehouse hasn’t done enough or has been furthering the racial divide in our country. They’re hopeful a Biden/Harris Whitehouse will bring our nation back together. I have other Christian friends who support Donald Trump but wish someone would delete already his Twitter account. They don’t like his personality but they like his policies. I have yet other Christian friends who can’t get passed Trump’s rough, gruff, mock-others personality of President Trump so they want him to lose the presidency. Who’s right?

All these people are friends of mine. All these people are wonderful Christians who love Jesus and love others. They all want to do what is right before God and for our nation. Again...who’s right? The person who votes the same as you?

If someone doesn’t vote for the candidate you vote for, does that make their vote sinful? Does your vote for your candidate make you righteous? Whom does God want you to vote for? What do you do?

1. You are not voting for your pastor; you are voting for a politician. Not one candidate will match your values. So, vote with your faith; vote with your conscience; vote to uphold the Bible and your faith values as strongly as you can. But vote. And vote with your faith.

2. If someone votes differently than you, they are not the enemy. Satan is the enemy. He is trying to cause division between you and your fellowman, between you and loved ones, between you and God. An easy way the Evil One causes many faithful believers to sin is through anger in an election. If this is you, if you get fired up and get sinfully angry about the election, take that sin to the cross of Jesus. Confess it to Him. (Ecclesiastes 10:20) Ask for His mercy and you will find peace.

3. Pray for all our elected leaders, especially whomever is the president elect. They will most definitely need it! And God commands it. “I urge...petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” (1 Timothy 2:1-2) Have you been praying FOR the candidates regularly?

4. No matter who is elected, Jesus is still King of kings and Lord of lords. He is in control. (Judges 8:23) There is no reason to fear. There is no reason to be afraid. God’s got this! Our Lord rules and reigns from a higher office than the Oval Office. He commands the universe from His throne room in heaven. He who made the heavens and earth can work all things out for your good as you trust in His Son, as you live for Him. No matter who is in the White House, God is Lord of your life!

And he is the Lord of forgiveness. Maybe you’re navigating the stormy political sea we are in better than me but I’ve gone from frustrated, to angry, to annoyed, to indifferent, to angry, to overwhelmed, to angry, to defeatist, to hopeful, to why is that fly on his head, to... I have sinned. I have failed. I have not been righteous and Satan has gotten the better of me.

That’s why I’m so thankful that Jesus has the heart of me. He loves me. Forgives me. Leads me. And he does the same, always, ever, for you! Confess to Jesus your sins over this election and hear him express to you his mercy. Know he loves you! Know he forgives you! And know no matter who is in the White House, Jesus is Lord! He is King! He is in control! Trust the whole world and this election are in His God’s loving, gracious and powerful hands. You are safe in Him. Amen.