Middle School Language & Creative Arts
Middle School Language & Creative Arts

Students experience a Christ-centered community at all times. The truths and terms learned in daily Bible classes are applied in our language, spelling, art, music, and literature classes. We explore the Christian historical background of music, art, and literature pieces to equip students for defending and sharing their faith.

“We read challenging books in reading and have worksheets that test our comprehension. We learn about many different types of words and phrases in language and learn how to diagram them.”

Callie Jo, Grade 8
Callie Jo, Grade 8

Language Arts

  • Literacy Night
  • Spring play
  • Prairie Fire Theater
  • Public speaking event
  • Spelling bee
  • Field trips (theater)


  • Music theory
  • Piano
  • Jubilate Choir
  • Band
  • Handbells
  • Drumming
  • Singing in church
  • Christmas program
  • Field Trips (Ordway and orchestra)


  • Art adventure
  • Art gala
  • Field trips (Minneapolis Institute of Art)