3rd & 4th Grade
3rd & 4th Grade

Faith Focus

The study of God’s Word is part of each day. Lessons from the Old or New Testament are taught three days each week. The other two days involve a hymn study and participation in a all-school chapel service. Memory work, primarily Bible passages, is assigned twice a week. Through practical applications, students are encouraged to live their faith at school, at home, and as members of their community.

Academic Focus

All subjects are Christ-centered. Students learn through differentiated spelling lists, "6+1 Traits"creative writing lessons, and reading comprehension strategies. In Math there is an emphasis on problem solving, computation and the mastery of math facts. Social Studies include government, civics, economics, Minnesota history and regions of the United States. Science units include plants, animals, earth’s water, weather, matter and energy. We cover a variety of topics in Music, Physical Education, Art, and Technology.

“Salem teachers use the Bible as a foundation for everything. They do this because they want the school to be nice and loving.”

John, Salem student

Educational Highlights

  • Chapel
  • Singing in Church
  • Christmas Program
  • Spring Play
  • Art Adventure
  • Educational Experience Nights
  • Field Trips
  • Spanish
  • Computer Applications
  • Piano
  • Jubilate Choir (4th grade)
  • Band (4th grade)
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Sports (track, soccer, volleyball, basketball) (4th grade)
  • Student-led Devotions
  • Travel Buddies
  • Practice of 15 Self-discipline Skills
  • Stability Ball Chairs
  • Chromebook and Google Software
  • SmartBoard interactive lessons