Open Talks

"Open Talks" are ways for Salem Lutheran Church and School to bring discussions of relevant topics to the congregation and the Stillwater community.

Telling HIStory

The good news of Jesus comes with flesh and bones. He was a man, rich in character, complex in speech, and decisive in action. Telling HIStory challenges the most profound speakers, but hearing HIStory feels even the littlest with faith. How do you tell HIStory? Mark Paustian and Adam Nitz provide insight into telling stories.

Your Kids and Your Legacy

What do you intend to leave behind? Although careful planning is no guarantee of the future, no planning is not likely to lead to a good end. Michael Hatzung is Christian planned giving counselor committed to helping individuals establish solid, flexible plans.

What is Christian education?

Dr. Gene Pfeifer and Mr. Todd Russ discussed the nature of Christian education in September of 2014. We enjoyed a round table conversation with those two and Mr Seth Zimmermann, the principal of Salem Lutheran Church and School. Enjoy the conversation!

Science and Faith

Dr. Paul Boehlke visited us in June of 2014 to discuss the relationship of faith, science, and the Bible. He graciously allowed us to record the conversation and keep records, which we have attached to the page. Enjoy his enlightening comments!