Salem Committees

Church Organization

The Salem congregation is organized under a Church Constitution and Bylaws. The responsibility for the church belongs to the members and day-to-day operations are delegated to the Church Council. All council positions are elected in 1 and 3 year terms with term limits for each position.

Any concerns can be brought before the council either by asking a council member to voice the concern or asking to meet with the council. If a committee would handle the concern, then the chairman or a member of that committee should be contacted.

The entire church body is invited to attend quarterly and special congregation meetings. Major decisions are handled during these meetings. Men who have signed the constitution have voting privileges during these meetings. The Pastors and the Principal report during the council meetings but do not vote.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary and Treasurer.

Standing Boards and Committees

Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee has primary responsibility for the upkeep of church properties. The committee is open ended meaning anyone can volunteer to serve on it and only the chairman is an elected member. Many hands make work go easier and add to the fellowship.


The Education Committee is a closed committee, meaning all its members are elected. This committee has primary responsibility for the operation of Salem School.


The Board of Elders is also a closed committee. This committee has primary responsibility for the Spiritual well being of the congregation and care of called workers. They recommend salaries and other provisions for these workers. They also handle any staffing questions and concerns that may arise. When an opening occurs, they formulate the contents of the call (job description) and make a call recommendation to the congregation.


Salem is blessed with an Endowment Fund. The Endowment Committee researches investment opportunities and makes investment recommendations to the membership. They also keep records to ensure that the money contributed to the fund is used in a manner intended by the giver.


The Evangelism Committee is an open committee. It is responsible for bringing the Good News to the Stillwater community. It seeks to do this via promotion of church events, participation in community events such as Lumber Jack Days and the Washington County Fair plus maintenance of this website. This committee also seeks to encourage Salem members to share the Good News with their friends and relatives. New members and new ideas are always welcome to this committee.


The Fellowship Committee is also an open committee. It plans and organizes several dinners each year plus the church picnic. They also plans special celebrations and arrange for other 'fun' activities throughout the year.

Special Ministries

The Special Ministries committee has responsibility for Shut-ins, young adults who are away from our community in college or service to our country. They arrange for filming the Sunday service and making the video available on the local cable channels. Other areas of ministries include the Lutheran for Life thrift store, Meals on Wheels and a Prayer Chain.

Spiritual Growth

The Spiriual Growth committee has responsibility for our Bible Study programs. They assist the Pastor with the selection of adult learning materials and refreshments during the adult sessions. They also recruit teachers for the Sunday School classes.


Recognizing that what we are given in this life is a loan from The Lord, the Stewardship Committee encourages members to give back to The Lord both material wealth and also to share the talents we have been blessed with.

Board of Trustees

The trustees have authority to sign contracts on behalf of the church. It also serves as the executive committee which plans for each council meeting and quarterly business meeting. This board consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and the Secretary.


The Worship Committee works with the Pastors to help create a worshipful setting. They help with selecting the music, scheduling the musicians, the ushers and the greeters. They periodically survey the congregation to determine which worship schedules will best meet the needs and desires of the members.


The youth group is an important part of Salem. The Youth committee is responsible for organizing the youth group and helping them arrange their activities and events. This is an open committee and gladly welcomes new members.