Teaching timeless truth in our elementary school

Salem has sustained an elementary school for nearly 50 years founded on the philosophy that solid, substantive Christian teaching develops good citizens. The Christian education at Salem immerses students in all of the wisdom and knowledge of God, whether that is the ancient text of the Bible, longstanding mathematical concepts, the scientific method, world history from the Axial age to the contemporary scene, or the aesthetic beauty of music and art. At Salem, we're all students of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many educational choices and opportunities today. But so many either explicitly or implicitly deny any sort of objective truth in seeking to love all, they misconstrue equality of opportunity as equality of outcome, and they look to the future without learning from the past. Salem lives by objective truth in love, we all receive the same opportunity to grow in baptismal grace, and with our long tradition we look to the future with wisdom.

We invite you to visit our elementary school today.