Basic Bible Christianity

There is nothing more powerful in this world than the living and active Word of God. It has the power to change lives, to transform character, and most important, to rescue human beings from death and eternal destruction by giving the gift of forgiveness and free salvation through Jesus.

We want you to participate in a life-changing experience! Join us for Basic Bible Christianity, an introduction to the Christian faith. Pastor Brohn will lead the class on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m.. The class meets at Salem Lutheran Church and School, 14940 62nd St N, Stillwater MN. We will meet in the Conference Room, located on the upper level of the school building. You do not need to bring anything, but are welcome to bring a Bible if you own one.

Continue the conversation here! Materials from the class will be posted for each lesson below.

Lesson 1--God's Plan of Salvation

Why study the Bible? What's the point? Come and learn why Bible study is so important for everyone.

Lesson 2--God Created a Beautiful Universe

There is a remarkable amount of confusion today about how the world came into existence. For thousands of years people simply assumed, logically, that the universe was created by God. Only in the last 200 years or so has God's creative work been seriously questioned, and only more recently has it been adamantly discarded in favor of "science." In this lesson we take a closer look at what the Bible teaches us about creation.

Lesson 3--Why Is the World So Crazy?

Something has gone horribly wrong with our world. God's perfect creation has become a violent place of hatred, murder, and every kind of imaginable filth. In this lesson we see what happened to plunge the world into its present condition and take an honest look at the awful effects sin has on us.

Lesson 4--How Did Jesus Save the World?

God promised, and promised, and promised, and finally kept that promise. It took thousands of years of waiting, but when the time had fully come, God sent his son--Jesus!

Lesson 5--The End Is Coming!

We know that this world can't last forever, but can we know how it will end? Can we know when the end will come? In the Bible, God has given us everything we need to know about the last days and the end of the world.

Lesson 6--Why Do We Need the Bible?

There are some things that we know naturally. There are other things that we would never perceive on our own. These things must be revealed to us. Find out who revealed them, and how!

Lesson 7--God Works through Holy Baptism

God doesn't just tell us of his love for us. He lets us know about his love and forgiveness in concrete, physical ways as he binds his promises to earthly elements and lets us experience his wonderful grace. Through the sacrament of Baptism, he comes to us in water and the Word.

Lesson 8--God Works through Holy Communion

Before Jesus went to the cross and died, he left his disciples his last will and testament. Since it was first instituted, Christians have repeated and cherished the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Through his living Word and refreshing sacraments, the Lord, our Good Shepherd, feeds and nourishes his people.

Lesson 9--God Gathers His Church

God works in his mysterious way to gather people together. He binds believers to himself through faith in Jesus, and he connects Christians with one another in the church.